It all started from a single seed

In the 1870s, an oil palm species was brought from
West Africa into Malaya as an ornamental plant.

Palm Oil Fruit Single.png
anak 6.png

to a farm
of trees

In 1917, it began to be cultivated for its precious fruits; thereafter, the farming of palm oil increased exponentially.

anak 1.png

to fruits
full of goodness

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Palm oil fruits are pressed to produce palm oil, while the seeds are crushed to yield palm kernel oil.

palm oil
(extracted from the flesh)

palm kernel oil
(extracted from the seed)

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to inventories of products

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Palm oil is highly useful in food and non-food products; Malaysian Palm Oil can be found in approximately 50% of all food items worldwide.

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for the
benefits of many

Today, Malaysia exports its palm oil to more than 65 countries; sharing the benefits of Malaysian Palm Oil to billions of people worldwide.

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