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Palm oil is the most commonly used vegetable oil in the world. You use it just about every day. Therefore, it’s important that you choose palm oil products that are healthy in many ways and comply with all sustainability aspects. Find out how we are doing our part by caring for these aspects of sustainability.

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care for the agricultural industry

Malaysian Palm Oil is produced under more than 30 laws and regulations; aimed at, among others, striking a balance between economic development and conservation of the environment & biodiversity. This makes it one of the most regulated agricultural industries in the world.

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care for the land

Malaysian Palm Oil yields more oil than other oil crops per hectare of land. In short more oil, less land. This guarantees an abundant & uninterrupted supply of vegetable oil for the world while maximizing land resources for other important purposes including forest & biodiversity conservation.

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care for the economy

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Millions of people have benefitted from the palm oil businesses, from producing countries like Malaysia to the importing countries. Involving various sectors, namely shipping, banking, IT and other business sectors that facilitate palm oil trade around the world daily.

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care for the sustainability

Malaysian Palm Oil is produced according to the MSPO standards, which provide guidelines and criteria for sustainable production of palm oil along the supply chain in the country. Today, more than 94% of Malaysian Palm Oil production is MSPO-certified.

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care for the future

Unknown to many, Malaysian Palm Oil has a bit of a role in every of the UN’s 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) especially the first five SDGs, which are of the highest priorities.

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